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Universal Cable (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd


Presently, the products of UCS comprise power cables, aluminium
cables, armoured cable, non-armoured cables of varying sizes and

Range of Products Manufactured:

PVC Insulated & PVC/XLPE Copper Cables
(a) Single core 450/750 volts
PVC-insulated, non sheathed
general purpose copper cables
(b) Single core 300/500 volts &
600/1000 volts PVC/XLPE

insulated, PVC sheathed
copper cables

Non Armoured Cables

(c) PVC-insulated, PVC sheathed
2 cores, 3 cores, 4 cores 300/500
volts & 600/1000 volts
copper cables
(d) 16mm˛ PVC/XLPE insulated twin twisted
450/750 or 600/1000 volts circular stranded
aluminium cables
(e) ABC (Aerial Bundled Cables) PE/XLPE
insulated 600/1000 volts aluminium cables

Armoured Cables

(f) 2 cores, 3 cores and 4 cores
600/1000 volts PVC/XLPE
insulated, PVC sheet
wrapped/PVC extruded bedding,
steel wires armouring and PVC
sheathed cables

PVC Covered/insulated Aluminium Cables/Bare Conductor

(g) Bare stranded hard drawn
aluminium/copper conductors
(h) PVC covered hard drawn 250/650 volts
aluminium cables
(i) AAAC (All Aluminium-Alloy Conductor) for EHV transmission
(j) ACSR (Aluminium Conductor Steel
Reinforced) conductors for EHV
(k) PVC-insulated single core 450/750
volts stranded circular aluminium cables

Auxillary Cables

(l) Auxiliary cables with stranded
copper conductors 600/1000 volts
armoured cables
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